Is Emergency Animal Care in Alexandria Available at Home?

A few years ago, it was unthinkable for a veterinarian to check in at a client’s home except in exceptional cases where the trip to a clinic was totally unfeasible. At that time, this service was performed only by clinics and it always added to the final visit cost. Nowadays things have changed, veterinary care at home is a very common concept in countries like the United States and France. There are many reasons to opt for emergency animal care in Alexandria at home… What is yours?

Less stress for your pet

Visiting the veterinary clinic is always a major stress. The animals begin to get nervous even before entering the clinic. In addition, when the consultation is done at home, even if the procedure involved some discomfort (such as an injectable) the familiar environment makes them quickly forget any unpleasant situation. There are certain moments in life when your pet’s immune system is not at full capacity. This is the case of puppies or in immunosuppressed animals (feline immunodeficiency, cancer, etc.) and, for them, the visit to an emergency animal care in Alexandria may involve contact with sick animals or carriers of diseases. What is the problem with this? Would you take your sick child around other very sick children? Probably not.

Greater comfort

Pet owners can do almost everything from home so why not ask the vet to swing by and give your pet a checkup? It is no longer necessary to travel or wait in the waiting room, pet owners just have to make an appointment and the veterinarian will take things from there. Veterinarians adapt to their patient’s needs and schedules even outside the normal business hours. And if these were not enough reasons to opt for veterinary care at home, in addition to all this, most vets perform these services at no extra cost. Why pay more for the same services? Having at-home pet care is no longer a luxury! Make sure to ask the vet about their wide range of free services and any promotions they might have at the time. For more information about this and other veterinarian services, browse us.

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