Keeping Cats and Dogs Safe With Pet Boarding in Everett

Pet owners that avoid placing their animals in boarding when they are away from home usually do so because they want the best for their pet. They feel that being at home, in a familiar environment, is healthier and more comfortable for the animal. That is not always true. Pet Boarding in Everett is a loving and professional service that provides a safe alternative to having them stay home alone.

Professional pet sitters rarely spend more than a few minutes of each day with the pets they supervise. Even very dedicated sitters generally only have a couple of hours to devote to each client. This leaves the animals with over 20 unsupervised hours to fill.

Dogs are especially affected by this solo time. Some become depressed and refuse to eat or cooperate with the sitter. They may have accidents or chew or act destructively out of boredom. Cats are usually more independent than dogs, but they still have needs. They are creatures of habits and prefer their meals on schedule and their routines uninterrupted. A lack of companion to entertain them or keep them under control can also lead to destructive behavior.

This behavior is dangerous when their is no one home to stop them, and this is why the biggest concern of having pets home alone is their health. During so many unsupervised hours there is the possibility of an injury or sickness. Pet Boarding in Everett guarantees that their well-being is monitored and any concerns are managed quickly, and vet attention sought out as it would be if the owner were home at the time.

The toys, food, and bedding the animal knows, and loves can come with them. They will have these security items at their side the entire time while they are away. With facilities like the Business Name, the pets will also have attention, exercise, and opportunities to socialize. Rather than a dark kennel, as some people imagine, cats have sunshine-filled windows to lay in and dogs will enjoy long walks, exciting play dates and a pampering salon. This is the safest and most luxurious option any pet owner can offer to their best friend.

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