Is Installing a Magnetic Lock Worth It?

Even people who consider themselves to be well-versed in security issues may not realize the value of a Magnetic Lock. Designed to work in tandem with other locking devices, this approach can provide greater security when the other locks are not functional for some reason. Here are some things that everyone needs to know about this type of lock.

The Basics

A Magnetic Lock is a type of locking device designed to activate when the main source of power is disabled. This is important & since the action is automatic and is completed in a manner of seconds. Once the lock is in place, only those with the right combination or key can manually trigger the lock and open it. Locks of this type are often considered to be good security measures for business operations, but they can also come in handy in a home environment.

Getting Through a Storm

If a storm knocks out the power for several hours, that means the security system will only remain operational for so long. Depending on the amount of battery backup built into the system, it could be exhausted in a matter of hours. Once that happens, breaking into the home will be much easier to manage.

If a magnetized lock is fitted for the home safe, it will be possible to protect at least some of the valuables. This includes important documents, cash, jewelry, and anything else that will fit into the safe. In terms of providing some additional peace of mind, having this kind of self-activating lock is a wise move.

Power Outage While the Homeowner is Away

There does not have to be a storm for this type of lock to come in handy. People who travel frequently will not be aware if there is a temporary brown-out that limits power access to the neighborhood. By having the lock in place, the odds of someone being able to gain access to the home are kept to a minimum. That means, when the homeowner returns from the trip, everything will be just where it is supposed to be.

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