Misconceptions About the Annual Flu Vaccination

Many people still don’t get a Flu Vaccination every year, even though medical professionals strongly advocate for this. Influenza can make people feel terrible for several days or even longer, causing them to miss work or school. Influenza is particularly risky for elderly individuals, little children, and those with chronic breathing problems or heart disease. However, anyone can come down with a serious case of the illness. Most people who get the flu don’t become so ill they need to be hospitalized, but the symptoms can make someone feel lousy enough to stay in bed most of the time.

Influenza cannot be cured with antibiotics the way that an illness such as strep throat can. It’s common for people to believe that antibiotics cure viral infections such as influenza, but that’s not the case. Some medicines are available that shorten the length of an influenza infection or reduce its severity. However, they must be taken relatively soon after symptoms begin, and they aren’t extremely effective for everyone. This is a reason why getting an annual Flu Vaccination is important.

There are people who decided to stop getting an influenza vaccination for one reason or another. If they come down with the illness, they’re likely to say they sure wished they would have gotten a flu shot and that they’ll never skip one again. Spending several days lying around feeling miserable with body aches, a fever, and a headache is aggravating. Add to that chronic coughing and fatigue, and it becomes apparent why someone resolves to get the shot every year.

Other misconceptions about the illness and the vaccination lead some individuals to avoid getting a shot. For instance, rumors persist that the vaccination can actually cause the flu. Health care practitioners at an organization such as Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services can explain to patients why this is untrue. It is possible for a patient who has received the vaccination to come down the flu, but that isn’t because of the shot. The vaccination is highly effective, but sometimes a person contracts a different strain of the virus than was used in the vaccine. You can like them on Facebook.

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