Know When It’s Time to Call Pest Control in Pasadena

Many homeowners suspect that they have a pest control problem, but delay taking action. Unfortunately, this decision often leads to a full blown infestation. To avoid further problems, determine when it is time to call in the professionals by learning about the signs below.

You See or Hear Pests

If you spot one or more pests physically or hear them scurrying around your property, it is time to call for pest control in Pasadena. This is especially true if you have spotted them on multiple occasions.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents are notorious for gnawing on things like wood, clothing and even food packages. If you notice bite marks in your home, it is time to reach out to providers of pest control in Pasadena.

Strange Smells

Rodents and insects alike can produce odors that linger in your home. Oily, ammonia like and musty smells can all signal a possible infestation. The stronger the smell, the bigger the problem most likely is. If you notice odd odor in your home and cannot link it to any other cause, consider having your home inspected for pests. Getting to the root of the problem as soon as possible is essential for avoiding further damage to your home and health.

Dealing with a pest control problem can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, professional help is attainable. Accutech Pest Management is your leading source for safe and effective pest extermination and home inspections in the region.

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