Learn What to Expect From Braces in Palm Coast

Alignment issues can be more than annoying to deal with. Not only do they cause a person to feel their smile is less attractive, but it can also cause problems with the alignment of the jaw and chewing ability. The best treatment for alignment concerns in the teeth is to ask a dentist about Braces in Palm Cost. Braces can fix alignment problems so the teeth are properly aligned over time.

When a person sees their dentist for Braces in Palm Cost, they first have their teeth carefully cleaned. This is crucial for ensuring the brackets will be able to be properly adhered to the teeth.

A bracket needs to be adhered on each tooth to ensure there will be a proper framework in place. Brackets are adhered to each tooth using a special dental adhesive. Once the brackets are all in place, the dentist can begin running the wiring from tooth to tooth, so they are connected via the brackets.

Wiring is run through the openings in the brackets so they can be tightened and manipulated to bring the teeth into alignment. The dentist or orthodontist may also place rubber bands on the brackets to keep the jaw from opening too wide. These bands help aid in aligning the teeth correctly.

Many people can receive positive results within one year of treatment. Some children and people with severe alignment issues may need more time. Some patients may require a retainer be worn for a period of time after braces so the teeth continue to stay in alignment.

Once braces are in place, the dentist will need to instruct the patient on proper care. There are certain foods that will need to be avoided to ensure the braces are not damaged. Proper care can allow the braces to continue doing their job so the teeth can be aligned.

Those who are in need of braces can receive more information by contacting Cypress Point Family Dentistry. They can help people overcome their alignment issues so they can have a more attractive and functional smile.

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