Why You Should Be Using Organic Fertilizer Right Now for Your Garden

Organic fertilizers are known for being less harmful to your garden’s soil. In general, they can be composed of materials such as bone, seaweed or worm castings. Yet, there are many different combinations of materials. Most people turn to organic garden fertilizer to avoid the damage done by synthetic brands. See why else you should consider using organic fertilizer to protect your garden.

Why Synthetic Fertilizers Are Bad

There are many reasons to avoid synthetic fertilizers. Most of these fertilizers are mainly made of salts. Aside from that, there are really no other minerals provided. Furthermore, these fertilizers are water soluble. This means they are likely to wash away instead of providing nutrients to plant life. In the end, it makes no sense to rely on synthetic fertilizer.

About Organic Fertilizers

Organic garden fertilizer is a much better option for all types of gardens. Unlike synthetic brands, organic fertilizer stays put. Therefore, it is able to feed the microbes in the soil, and hence keep plants healthy. These fertilizers also contain many of the nutrients that plants need. This includes carbon, which acts as an energy source for plants. In the end, your garden will flourish if you use organic garden fertilizer.

Other Things to Think About

If you are currently using synthetic fertilizers, it is important to stop. You could be ruining the soil in your garden for years to come. The aim of a garden is to grow beautiful, healthy plants. Don’t ruin this opportunity by using low quality fertilizers.

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