Life’s Memorable Moments: Riding A Zipline In Cabo San Lucas

If you are seeking an outdoor adventure, perhaps riding a zipline in Cabos San Lucas is the answer. The region plays host to three – count them three, such adventures. Each has their attractions. Each offers its visitors the chance to experience the thrill of ziplining and more.

Wild Canyon Adventure

When it comes to signing up for an adventure, the oldest zipline in Cabo San Lucas is out in the desert. Located at El Tule, Wild Canyon Adventure, gives you the chance to sail high over the desert floor of a canyon. You can take part in what claims to be the longest zipline – the Flying Tortuga and end it all with a visit to the Animal Sanctuary, a camel ride or even a bungee jump off the park’s glass bottom gondola.

Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve

This adventure takes you to the Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve. The zipline in Cabo San Lucas territory offers a variety of activities beyond zip lining. They consist of:

1. Climbing walls
2. Hanging bridge
3. Crazy ladder
4. Rappelling

This ensures the maximum amount of safety, security, experience and enjoyment is derived from this exciting visit to a UNESCO heritage Site.

Canopy Costa Azul Eco-Adventure

The newest zipline in Cabo San Lucas is called the Canopy Costa Azul Eco-Adventure. This is a true canopy tour, similar to those that have popped up across the country. You can fly high above the river that flows in the Costa Azul Canyon. The trip takes you over desert scenery along its three mile stretch. For the final stretch of what is for many an amazing journey, you are on a double zip line. This means you can have a friend, partner or total stranger raising along at your side.

The Canopy Costa Azul Eco-Adventure features:

1. Tarzan Swing
2. Racing Cable Contest,
3. Rappelling
4. Tequila Tasting

There is also a snack bar and souvenir shop on sight. Further exploration under guided supervision is possible. After all is said and done, the tour guides will see you safely back to your lodgings.

Zipline in Cabo San Lucas

If you want to get your heart to pound as hard as the surf off the Pacific Ocean, consider trying zip lining. This is certainly one alternative way to see the countryside. If you plan to zipline in Cabos San Lucas, choose a guide and let them show you how to create a memorable experience that will endure long after your vacation is ended.

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