Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cigar to Reflect Your Personality

Cigars are the last items you would expect to have the ability to reflect who you are. Smokers often relate to each other by the type of tobacco rather than actual cigars. Non-Cuban cigars have a unique presentation that most people stay away from unless they desire to add to their personal collection.

A dry cigar may present a robust character that finishes a deed until the end. However your personality may be, the cigar you choose will only add to the attributes of your personality not take away from your morality.

Personality Wheel

Individuals who handle tough situations and enjoy a robust taste of cigar often see utilitarian MM legend. This can reflect a steady personality that may erupt into madness under pressure since these cigars are required to be stored at a low humidity to prevent it from deteriorating or “mushrooming.” It’s uniquely odd shape is hand carved, pear wood or briar just for panache. It can often reflect a cautious person whose mind is everywhere, but in the present situation. Foreign cigars that are non-Cuban like Karl Eric or Stanwell show that an individual is independent, taking the troubles of the world on their shoulders without asking anyone for help. It complements the mouthpiece to the smoker’s lips and has an intricate design that’s simple and pleasing to the eye. Isaac Brown is a figurehead that’s quoted for his love of such cigars that comes from Denmark, claiming cigars to be a true treasure to behold for a mere mortal.

Pipe Style

Most people would think that their personality would depend on the weather if they owned multiple pipes, but that’s only partially the case. Depending on the brand or style of pipe you own most of; this will reflect your personality mostly. Like a Cuban versus a non-Cuban, the robust versus the subtle, or even as simple as hard versus soft. Rusticated is a pipe style that’s familiar with Nordings. This brand was started as a homemade product in a local town for profit and became an international commodity within months because of its unique style. The design is simple enough, but it’s the way it functions that makes it so popular. This can reflect you in a positive light as outgoing, encouraging, and an overall joy to be around. It’s smooth and has a real acorn look with a hint of rustic apple. The moisture can be hard to pinpoint upon your first purchase, but after a few uses you get used to it and will be using it every day even. Savinelli is another brand that is less confusing and easy to maintain with humidity and storage. So if you’re looking for an ecstatic look that shows you as a high-spirited person, you will want one of these.

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