Looking for a Carpet Dealer in Evanston?

On average, carpeting will last for at least ten years in a home provided it is cared for properly. While higher-quality carpet can last up to 25 years, areas with higher traffic, rentals, and homes that have pets may need to replace carpet more often. Carpet that is in need of replacement will show signs of wear, including stains, persistent odors, and rips and tears. The cost of replacing a home’s carpet will depend on the square footage, type of padding, and quality. A carpet dealer in Evanston, such as American Carpet Distributors can measure the home and provide a free estimate.

When to Replace

Although the age of the carpet can be an important factor, personal tastes can also come into play. If the home or apartment is being remodeled or repainted, the carpet may need to be replaced to match. Other times, the owner may prefer to replace the carpet with wood or laminate flooring. A flare-up of allergy symptoms can also indicate it is time to replace older carpeting. When a home is purchased, the new owners often are not aware of how well the carpet has been cleaned over the years. They could replace it within a year or two of purchasing the home if the design, color, and quality do not match their preferences.

Hiring a Vendor

Before contacting a carpet dealer in Evanston, check to see if any of them are running seasonal promotions. Take a look at the flooring showroom to get a sense of what options the vendor provides. See if samples are available to take home to match with existing colors and ask for references. Get quotes from more than one vendor to compare the time it will take each one to complete the project, the costs, and the services each vendor provides.

Replacing carpeting in a home is a routine part of homeownership. While carpet can last for a decade or more, purchasing an older home or a home with carpet that has experienced heavy traffic means the carpet may need to be replaced right away. Obtaining estimates from several vendors is an important step towards budgeting for replacement.

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