When it comes to shopping, many a times you may prefer something worth $30 than something that is worth hundreds of dollar and has a brand name attached to it. Style does not come with a price tag. It is more to do with the right kind of confidence and approach. Fashionable people find “this-is-what-I-wanted” things even in the most unexpected prices. Here are some tips to shop for luxury items without having to shed too much from your pockets.

  1. First and foremost, know your own style. To justify what you are wearing, is one of the cardinal rules of fashion. Just be yourself ! Since clothes are your second skin, it is important that they should be in accordance with your personality. Hence, indulging in something that is expensive and luxurious especially if it defines “YOU” , is always worth a buy.
  2. Plan your resources well and stick to them. You must have heard this one before. This is true and it really works. When you are forced to work with limited resources, you come up with creative ideas. While pampering yourself with luxury shopping is good, its more fashionably intelligent to spend on things that can be used often with other add-ons, rather than buying something that you might just use once and not look at it again. For instance, buy things in mix-n-match rather than picking up something worth thousands.
  3. Find Deals in Unexpected Places. People who have the right kind of fashion sense, shop smart. Its not a bad idea at all to look for things, that might be available in smaller, lesser-known stores. For example, if you are a footwear lover, you must try street or what we call “flea-market” shopping. You’ll surely find luxurious things at affordable prices.
  4. 4.Look for opportunities. Visit exhibitions and factory outlets for a good discount on luxury shopping. Collect their business cards and visit their stores. You might find the dream gown just here for your closet.
  5. Read fashion magazines to get an idea of the trends. Many stores and clothing companies replicate the look and feel of exorbitant designer fashion  Read magazines like Vouge, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and so on to know what are the latest ongoing trends. These magazines will surely give you an idea so as to how to put an outfit together in your own expressive and inexpensive way.
  6. Accessories are a great way to revamp your outfit. For example a scarf, a statement neck piece, blinking handcuffs and rings add a lot of volume to an otherwise simple outfit. And here we can make an exception. Luxury shopping for these add-ons can truly be justified.
  7. Last but not least, try online shopping. Many online stores offer the best deals on some really luxurious fashion brands.


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