Make Any Office Party Successful With Fun Games And Great Food

Office parties can be a lot of fun if the person in charge knows the right things to do to make them extra special. With the proper combination or delicious food and some fun games the next office party you attend can be a smashing success.

Finding the Right Food

One thing that people love to do at an office party is eat some good food. The type of food that is served at the parties will be a big factor in determining if the party is a success or not. Bland food served on party platters will not fly at office parties. People want to eat food that has vibrant flavors and colors and is interesting and delicious. Finger foods work great at parties and everyone likes refreshing drinks as well.

Playing Games at the Party

Party games are a great way to loosen people up and help them have fun during the get together. These can also be great team building experiences to improve employees’ relationships and build stronger connections. When choosing games be sure that they will be ones that everyone will enjoy playing. The best way to get started is to play an ice breaker game that will help people warm up and want to be involved.

1. Couples Search – write down the names of famous couples on separate post it notes. Then place one post it note on everyone’s back. People must then roam around trying to find the other half of their couple. People can only ask yes or no questions about who they are.

2. Famous Lines – write lines from well-known movies on strips of paper and put them in a bowl. Players take turns pulling out the papers and guessing which movie the line was from.

3. The Truth – have everyone write down two true facts about themselves and one lie on a piece of paper. After each person reads their three statements the other people at the party will vote on which statement is the lie. The person with the least votes for the lie wins.

4. Name That Song – play the first five seconds of a song. The person who shouts out the name of the song first wins. Award bonus points if they can sing the first or next line or know the artist or release date.

Be having a good selection of food and some fun games to play you can be assured of a fun and memorable office party.

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