Making the right childcare choices

Do you need to find day care for your child?

Apart from the obvious feeling of guilt and uncertainty as to whether you are doing the right thing, it is one of the hardest decisions to make for many reasons.  This is the care of your pride and joy, the light of your life, pretty much your everything, and suddenly you are going to pass that responsibility to another human being.

But what options are there when looking at day care franchise for your child?


While utilizing the services of a Nanny where once thought of as for the privileged parents who could holiday abroad or pass across duties of parenting they simply did not fancy, this perception has now changed.  In a world where women often just want to work, need to work, or have a successful career they wish to continue with, the services of a Nanny are no longer a luxury.  Indeed, for many it is seen as a necessity.  As Nanny’s have become more widely accessible, so have they become more affordable.  Whether live in or out, this can be a very successful arrangement, as long as it is well-managed.  If the Nanny’s job description does not involve ironing, then do not ask them to do it.  In line with mutual respect, it is not acceptable to shout at someone simply because you pay their wages.  However, when managed well with the ethos very much revolving around a team ethos, it can really work.  The children receive consistent care and build a trusting relationship with the Nanny, allowing you to be confident leaving them with someone else.  The Nanny has time to spend doing all the lovely things you wish you could do, but simply do not have the time to:  colouring, crafts, jigsaws, baking, and trips out; The emphasis is on both quality and quantity.


The other option is to place your child in a day care establishment.  What this offers above all is social interaction.  Your child will learn to mix with a wide variety of personalities and skills such as sharing, caring, being kind, and taking turns.  There is a wide choice of nurseries ranging from private independent nurseries, to larger companies that own a few local establishments, to people who run a daycare franchise.  Day care has to be inspected as with all child care, and previous results are easy to find on the Internet. A good environment will look to stimulate, educate, entertain, and care for your child. While no child care option is cheap and with so many nurseries to choose from, you have the option to base your choice on affordability.

If you are passionate about helping working parents, you should consider setting up a daycare franchise with Kiddy Academy.

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