Many Types of CCTV Cameras Available to Choose from in Bowling Green, KY

Security cameras provide protection for many different things; with the three most important being the customers, the employees, and products. In order for a company to effectively provide safety they will need to utilize a security camera that produces the highest quality images currently available. With many brands, and security camera styles available to choose from, a business is able to select a product that will be able to satisfy all of their security needs. Through expert companies that provide security system integration, a business owner can feel confident that they will be purchasing a product that will exceed all of their expectations.

A good security company can provide different types of CCTV Cameras in Bowling Green, KY. Like any product, individuals are encouraged to compare the specifications given in order to narrow down their search to their perfect security camera. Sonitrol provides each of the following types of camera technologies, among others:

  1. License Plate Recognition
  2. Pan Tilt Zoom
  3. Infrared
  4. Color at Night
  5. Panoramic
  6. Fisheye Lenses
  7. Thermal Heat Tracking
  8. Temperature Alerts
  9. Explosion-Proof Housings
  10. Fixed Lens
  11. Varifocal Lens
  12. Wireless
  13. Verified Video to integrate with a security system

In addition to video surveillance, companies such as Sonitrol also provide many other security products. By having a wide variety of security products, a business is taking the precautionary steps required to ensure everyone’s safety. These products include:

1. Access Control Products

2. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Products

3. Intercoms

4. Vehicle barriers

5. Command and control software

6. Turnstiles

7. IR Illumination

8. Panic Systems

9. Emergency Call stations

10. Reactant Detection Systems

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