Methods Used by an Automobile Transport Service in Newark, NJ

When you need to move a vehicle from one location to another without driving it, you need to find an automobile transport service in Newark, NJ, to help. These services use various methods to move vehicles, giving you peace of mind. The following are some of the ways these companies move cars.

Open Car Transport

The least expensive option for automobile transport services in Newark, NJ, is open car services. Your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer towed by a tractor-trailer. You can rest assured they strap each car securely to the trailer to decrease the risk of damage during transportation. The only factor to consider is exposure to the elements.

Enclosed Transport

Alternatively, an automobile transport service in Newark, NJ, can provide enclosed transport options. Instead of loading cars on an open trailer, the company uses an enclosed trailer to protect vehicles from the elements and lower the risk of vandalism or theft. This option is typically used for classic or exotic cars that are more valuable.

Safety and Security Is a Priority

Whichever method you choose for your automobile transport service in Newark, NJ, you can rest assured that they will take good care of your car. These companies offer quality services with state-of-the-art equipment to protect cars from damage and ensure they arrive in the same condition.

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