Obtaining a Guardianship Through a Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

In Wisconsin, the family members of children at risk have the right to take action to protect them. The first action of the family member is to contact law enforcement and child protective services. They must explain the risk to these agencies and start the process of becoming the child’s legal guardian. A lawyer in Milwaukee, WI provides a legal avenue for these proceedings.

Presenting a Risk to a Child

The family member must present evidence of the risk posed to the child. This could be an eyewitness’ account of abuse or signs of neglect. They must explain which parent is a risk to the child and why. All statements are recorded by law enforcement and/or child protective services. Among the most common risks are those associated with drug or alcohol addiction.

The Investigation of the Allegations

An investigation is launched after the allegations are made. The child is taken into custody by child protective services. A child psychologist conducts an interview with the child and asks him or her a series of questions. A medical doctor examines the child to identify any signs of abuse or neglect.

The Home Study

A social worker is assigned to the case to conduct a home study. During the assessment, the social worker examines the home of the child. They ask the parents a series of questions about the child to determine if they pose a risk to the child. They review the conditions of the home and determine if the parent or parents are fulfilling their obligations to the child.

Processing the Legal Guardianship

After it is proven that the biological parents are a risk to the child, a hearing is scheduled for the guardianship. The process allows the petitioner and the biological parents to present evidence. A judge makes the final decision.

In Wisconsin, family members can take legal action to remove at-risk children from their homes. If the biological parent is a risk to the child, a family member can report them. They can contact law enforcement or child protective services. Family members who need a lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can visit us and schedule an appointment today.

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