A DUI Lawyer in Worcester County, MD May Convince the Prosecution to Reduce Charges

When someone has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Maryland, this person must act quickly if they want to fight the charge. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Worcester County, MD can be an important and effective first step in this battle. The lawyer can request a hearing to prevent total driver’s license suspension; that request must be made within 10 days. DUI is a criminal offense in this state and the charge should never be taken lightly.

Younger Adults

Younger adults, including college students, are some of the more common DUI offenders. If they receive a jail sentence of any length, this can completely derail their studies or an early start to their career. Even if a conviction cannot be avoided, a DUI lawyer in Worcester County, MD can provide aggressive legal defense to make sure the person does not receive any jail time. Maintaining freedom can be essential for the individual to quickly get back on track.

Restricted License

The individual may be granted a restricted driver’s license that can be used for six months. The person is allowed to drive to work, school and religious centers, and to drop children off at preschool or daycare. The person can apply to have the regular license reinstated, for a fee, after that time frame.

Wet Reckless

Some people face significant negative consequences if they are convicted of DUI. A person with a commercial driver’s license might lose their job, for example. In order to prevent this from happening if at all possible they must rely on a lawyer such as Marc A. Zeve, Attorney At Law. The attorney may convince the prosecution to reduce the charge to reckless driving. Legally, this known as wet reckless, or reckless driving with alcohol as a factor.

A conviction of wet reckless still has direct and indirect consequences, including a hefty fine and points assessed to the license. The individual may face higher automotive insurance rates, but should not have such a difficult time acquiring this insurance as someone with a DUI on the record has. Someone dealing with this situation may consider hiring an experienced lawyer and visit their website for contact information.

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