Packaging Tips From Top Home Movers In Chicago IL

Packing for a move across Chicago IL or a move outside of the city or the state doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of the top home movers in the city will even provide full packing services, which means a crew will arrive with all the materials and supplies needed to pack your entire home or just specific rooms or items.

However, if you do want to do your own packing, there are a few tips from experienced Home Movers in Chicago IL that will help to ensure that your possessions, even the most delicate and fragile, arrive safe and sound at your final destination.

Use New Boxes

Using old, used boxes for packing anything breakable is a mistake. These types of used boxes are fine for clothing, linens and non-breakable items but they are problematic for more fragile items.

In addition, you may want to consider crating large, breakable items. This can include artwork, electronics, flat screen televisions and other similar items.

Add Extra Wrapping and Packing Material

Skimping on packaging material such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts is a mistake. This is a low-cost component of packing, but it provides the protection items need. Make sure to place packing on the bottom, top and the sides of the box and fill all spaces between wrapped items before sealing it with packing tape. Also, to make it easier for Chicago IL moving companies, write your name and the room designation on the outside of the box.

Box Similar Items

Try to avoid mixing types of items in a box. For example, mixing ornaments with kitchen items in a box is going to result in differences in weight and shapes that make packing the box security a challenge. Instead, keep similar items together in one box.

Take the time to review the tips provided by home movers before you start packing. There are also some great packing tip videos online that can show you just how to safely pack any household items for safe transportation short distances or for long distance moves.

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