The Basic Process of Paver Installation in NJ

The walkways around your home play a role in the overall look of your landscaping and serve useful purposes as well. For that reason, you want to make sure you have professional paver installation in NJ to allow you to experience the right look and functionality of the walkways. As you consider the use of pavers, you will need to understand a bit about the process so you can determine if you can do it yourself or if you prefer to work with the professionals.


The first step in the process is the planning. You can’t just buy a load of pavers and start laying them down. You need to create a plan. This includes mapping out the walkway so you know just how long and wide it will be, as well as the path you would like it to take. This will help you choose the exact pavers and the proper number of pavers for your walkway. Some homeowners only require help with this step of the process, while others want professional help throughout the process.


Once you have the plan in place, there is one more step before the paver installation in NJ. You will need to prepare your surface for the installation process. In most cases, you need to dig out about seven inches of soil and refill with about five inches of gravel. This gravel must be compressed down before you will be able to install the pavers, making for a solid foundation for your walkway.


The final step in the process is to install the pavers to create your walkway. This is one of the easiest aspects of the process, but can still require the help of the professionals, especially if you have an unusual shape to your walkway or the pavers need to be cut. The actual installation is critical to ensure your walkway is as safe as possible to avoid injuries to your family or your guests.

Paver installation in NJ is an extensive process that often requires professional help, especially for homeowners who aren’t experienced in this area. Understanding all the steps that are involved in the process will help you determine if it is something you can handle or if you require assistance. In most cases, it is best to seek help to ensure the pavers are installed properly for the safety and durability you require. See more of The Design & Build Group, LLC on Facebook

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