Pay per Click in Los Angeles or Search Engine Optimization?

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Internet Marketing

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If you have a website you want found on the Internet, you have two choices – search engine optimization or pay per click. SEO is search engine optimization and is the natural way most people search for information online. They go to the search engine, type in the keywords, and get websites that pertain to our keywords. Especially if you are working in a saturated market, you might have some great search engine optimization, but you are still not ranking on the first page for searches because you have too many competitors. The nest option is pay per click in Los Angeles. Pay per click advertising is ads that are placed on the top of the search engine results page to give you more visibility than regular search engine optimization would have afforded you.

There are two different kinds of pay per click advertising — one style in which the advertiser pays for a fixed position on the page and bid-based ads in which there are competitors for the same keywords. For advertisers that pay for fixed position ads, they are sure to end up on the page instead of competing against other websites that are search engine optimization based. In the bid-based ads, like Google Adwords, other advertisers have bids for the same keywords and are competing against each other. Pay per click in Los Angeles will have many competitors for the same keyword so it is important to see where your ads will end up as a result of the saturation.

For a new website, it can be confusing to decide if you should invest your advertising dollars in a good search engine optimization marketing plan, which has long term benefits, or the short-term results of a pay per click advertising program. The general rule of thumb is both. Using the pay per click advertising method while your website is gaining in the rankings with the search engine optimization marketing is a rounded strategy that may be beneficial to your web traffic. It depends on the kind of traffic you are trying to attract. If you search for the term “pay per click Los Angeles,” you will probably find many websites that are more relevant to you in the SEO listings rather than the paid ads. If that was your term, it may be more beneficial to focus on the search engine optimization. Each website is different. A good pay per click web designer will be able to guide you in what is the right choice for your website and budget.

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