Practical and Safe Measures for Boosting Your Immunity This Coming Winter

The approach of winter reminds you that cold and flu season is about to start soon. This time of year increase the likelihood of you contracting a virus that will put you in bed for days and make you feel terrible, and reminds you of the need to take an immune system boost shot.

Rather than wait for the inevitable infection to happen, you can take measures now to boost your immune system. These tips can bolster your immunity and help you fight dangerous infections better this winter.

Drink Plenty of Water

As elementary as this tip sounds, drinking water has actually been shown to improve immune responses in the human body. Water helps your body flush out toxins like bacteria and viruses. It also energizes your circulatory system and allows antibodies that fight illnesses to travel to your lungs, sinuses, and other parts of your body faster.

On that same token, you can boost your immunity by avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Both of these substances impair your immune system and make it less effective. You can fight illnesses better this winter by replacing coffee and soda with glasses of water instead.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse nutrient that can vastly improve your immunity to illnesses. Along with eating plenty of fresh citrus fruit like oranges and lemons, you can also get your Vitamin C daily allowance by using products like an immune system boost shot.

A supplement like a daily immune system boost shot is easy to take and does not require you to swallow a large pill. You can simply add this boost powder to eight ounces of water. You can drink the vitamin-infused water daily to give your immune system the boost that it needs to fight the flu and colds.

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