Tips for Selecting a Washington, DC Residential Interior Design Company

New home construction projects as well as home renovations are on the increase in the Washington DC area. In both cases, hiring an interior designer to create the indoor living space in the home adds value, functionality, and creates a home that is uniquely your own.

As with any type of professional service, it is essential to take the time to find the right residential interior design company. It is common for homeowners to assume that the cost of the project is the most crucial factor to consider, but there are at least three other aspects of equal importance to bear in mind.

Past Project Review

One of the most overlooked aspects of choosing a residential interior design company is reviewing the company’s past projects. Some design firms have a specific style, while others are focused on working with the homeowners to fully develop the space to meet their requirements.

Taking the time to review the design firm’s online gallery or portfolio provides a clear picture of the style and design elements the service offers. Companies with a wide range of styles rather than a narrow focus offer the opportunity for more creative designs.

Company Focus

An increasing number of homeowners in the Washington DC area is interested in working with a residential interior design company with a focus on environmentally sustainable materials and design elements. These companies make it a point to choose design options, materials and contractors that offer “green” products and reduce waste in their construction methods and practices.

Communication and Comfort Levels

Meeting personally with the interior designer is another important factor in the selection process. Homeowners should feel comfortable working with the interior designer, and their goals for the project should be heard and understood, because effective communication is a fundamental part of the ongoing interaction.

At Zoë Feldman Design, we focus on creating beautiful, functional spaces using environmentally sustainable materials and construction methods. For more information on our design firm, call 202-719-8062 Ext. 1.

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