Premium Quality Oil Coolers in Illinois

If you manage, own, or work on a daily basis with heavy machinery and heavy vehicles, it’s important that they are working at peak efficiency. Any delays caused by equipment that is not working well or is overheating can cause some serious profit losses. In fact, one of the most common causes of delays and machinery breakdown is overheating.

A Lesson in Heat Transfer

Every machine in movement creates heat. If there is no escape for this heat, it builds to the point that it negatively affects the operation of the machine and will eventually cause a breakdown. Even something as simple as a leak in a radiator that is intended to cool an engine can cause huge overheating problems.

The best method to combat this buildup of heat is to use a heat transfer mechanism that keeps delicate and working parts cool. Oil coolers, radiators, and other forms of heat exchanges all work to get rid of the heat that causes problems.

Why an Oil Cooler Might Be Better

Some vehicles and heavy machinery use Illinois oil coolers over water- and coolant-based radiators as a method of combatting the heat. These oil coolers provide the following benefits over traditional, coolant-based radiators:

* Boiling point – Because oil has a higher boiling point than water, it can be used to cool very hot machinery more efficiently.

* Efficiency – Due to the fact that oil is also an electrical insulator, it can be in direct contact with all parts of the engine, increasing its efficiency as a coolant.

* Corrosion – Water without a rust inhibitor can corrode delicate engine parts. Oil is a natural lubricant and heat transfer agent and will not corrode metal parts.

Illinois oil coolers provide some natural benefits over water- and coolant-based radiators and heat exchangers. If your job depends on the health of your heavy machinery, a premium-quality oil cooler system might be worth investigating.

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