Preparing A Cat For Pet Boarding in Mt. Vernon

When a cat owner needs to go away on business for an extended time, they will want to make sure their pet is cared for while they are unable to do so themselves. If the pet owner does not wish to hire someone to come into their home to take care of their cat, they may want to consider Pet Boarding in Mt. Vernon as an alternative method. Here are a few ways a cat can be prepped for a stay at a boarding facility.

Invite People To The Home Often

Since the cat will be in a setting where many people and pets are present, it is a good idea to get them ready for this with by increasing the amount of interaction they have with others inside of the home. Inviting people over often can be a way to help get the cat used to different voices around them. This will make the trip to the boarding facility less scary for the pet as they will already be used to a lot of activity.

Bring Along Favorite Items

It is a good idea to bring a few of the cat’s favorite items to the boarding facility when they stay. A comfortable blanket can be used to help keep them calm at a time when their owner is not present. Toys that they play with at home can also be comforting. Bringing along a few of the cat’s favorite snacks is also a good idea.

Schedule Training Or Grooming Sessions

To get the cat used to the facility, a few sessions inside may be beneficial. A trip to an on-site groomer or trainer can help the cat feel familiar with the facility when they need to stay there for a longer duration of time. They will also be used to the workers in these portions of the facility, making them feel a bit more comfortable when they are in their presence.

If a cat owner wishes to find out more about bringing the cat to a Pet Boarding in Mt. Vernon, they can call a reputable service in the area. Contact Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc today!

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