Preparing for Transgender Reassignment Surgery

Before pursuing transgender reassignment surgery, there are several requirements you’ll need to cover. You’ll visit with a surgeon at the beginning of the process to ensure your complete understanding of the procedures. They will also want to understand your goals and desired outcomes. Here are a few of the basic steps in the preparation process.

Referral Letters

The WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) provides surgeons with a standard of care guideline. The guidelines include obtaining letters from mental health professionals who have worked with you and clinicians who managed hormone therapy. Connecting with mental health professionals who can help support you during the recovery process is also essential.

Authorization from Insurance

In most instances, insurance authorization is obtained once you schedule the surgery. You can check beforehand with your insurance company to ensure your policy includes transgender reassignment surgery. Most policies cover transgender procedures because of the benefits. It’s essential to make sure your health care is covered.

Hair Removal

Each case is different, but patients undergoing phalloplasty or vaginoplasty may need permanent hair removal before surgery. When you visit your surgeon’s office, ask about hair removal and if it is required before your procedure.

Pre-Op Visits

Make sure to bring all your questions to pre-operative visits. The medical team will be available to answer them and help you prepare for your transgender reassignment surgery.

If you’re ready to pursue transgender reassignment surgery, visit the International Center for Transgender Care for more information.

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