Prompt Heater Repairs in Ormond Beach FL Are Needed During Unusual Cold Spells

The Daytona Beach area was spared the effects of the Polar Vortex that blanketed much of the eastern half of the United States at the end of January. Nevertheless, every year, area residents can expect temperatures to dip into the 20s or 30s during at least one cold spell. Heater Repairs in Ormond Beach FL are necessary when the equipment stops working during one of those nasty cold snaps.

Cold Weather Events

The National Centers for Environmental Information provide historical weather data for cities throughout the United States. It may surprise people to learn that this part of Florida is no stranger to such cold weather. In fact, lows have reached the 20s or 30s here every year since that data began being recorded in 1937. In the 1980s, temperatures dipped into the teens during three different years.

This happened at Christmastime in 1983 when severe cold moved through much of the southeast and caused problems with frozen plumbing pipes and vehicles that wouldn’t start. Since rain is frequent in this region, some residents in the southeastern United States had the chance to see a white Christmas, although they may not have been very pleased about this development.

Short Time Frame

One good aspect of unusually cold temperatures in the Daytona Beach area is that they don’t usually last more than a few days. People who have planned their Florida vacation for January should at least be able to get by with jackets in the afternoon if their long weekend coincides with one of those cold spells. It’s simply a risk of traveling nearly anywhere in the country in January, with the exception of Hawaii. The record low temperature in Honolulu is a balmy 52 degrees that occurred in January of 1969.

Prompt Repair Service

Area residents who have guests from northern states will definitely want prompt heater repairs in Ormond Beach FL if something goes wrong with the system. It seems quite ironic to tourists to leave town for a break from the cold, only to deal with cold temperatures both inside and outside. Repair service is available from companies like Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. Visit Us online.

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