Take Care Of Trees With Arborists in Naples FL

Trees live for decades and provide landscapes with shade and beauty. Birds and small animals can live in trees. Fruit and nut trees even provide healthy snacks. But trees are susceptible to certain diseases, insect infestations, and storm damage. To live long, healthy lives, trees must have care. They must be pruned and have dead branches removed for safety. As trees grow larger, they are harder to care for without proper equipment. And, removing a dead tree can be a dangerous proposition for a homeowner.

Caring For Trees

There are landscape companies and Arborists in Naples FL who know how to take care of trees from proper planting to shaping growing trees and repairing storm damage. When their lives are over, it is arborists who should be called to safely remove them. The tree that is planted in a home’s landscape design should be one that will do well in the area climate and the landscape soil conditions. Local tree experts and landscapers know what grows best in their towns.

When a small or medium size tree is purchased for planting, it must be correctly planted in a large enough hole with nutrients to give it a good start, and just the right amount of water to help it grow. Companies such as Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding Inc. specialize in taking care of damaged and dying trees. They will save the trees they can, and safely remove ones that are beyond help.

Removing Trees

Adult trees can reach twenty feet or higher and weigh thousands of pounds. All those branches going in all directions complicate removal. Removal of adult trees is no job for the homeowner to attempt on their own. It could be dangerous. Calling a professional tree service is the only safe way to get that tree safely cut and removed from a property. Then, there is the stump to worry about. A tree service professional will offer stump grinding services in addition to tree removal. When the stump is ground down, dirt and sod can cover the spot.

When enough trees have been lost to storm damage, age, insect, or disease, it may be time to call in a tree specialist to choose and plant some replacement trees in the perfect spots. Go to the website for more information on tree services.

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