Protecting Your Phone, Inside and Out

Most adults in America and around the world own a smartphone, giving each person access to almost any information quickly. A smartphone is often expensive, even with a plan from a service provider. These small devices can do most of the same functions as a regular computer nowadays, meaning that they need the same protection against external and internal threats as a computer does. There are a few steps you can take to prevent damage to your phone.


Smartphones are built to withstand minor bumps and accidents, but the electrical wiring inside can be damaged without an exterior buffer, like a case. Stores all over the nation provide case options for the latest smartphone models, offering various textures and formats to prevent damage. Most cases come with a selection of patterns and colors, giving the owner the ability to personalize their phone to meet their style and preferences.

Screen Protector

Usually, a user that purchases a case for their smartphone will also purchase a screen protector. The clear, thin barrier is specially designed to allow the user to still access all of their applications on their touchscreen, while preventing scratches or smudges on the actual phone. These protectors are just as easy to wipe clean as a regular screen; however, if you scratch the screen protector, your screen still remains intact, meaning you only have to replace the layer, rather than living with a scratched screen that can impact daily usage.

Virus Protection

Since a smartphone has much of the same functionality as a computer, you should also protect its data in the same way with virus software. To download software, you can select a program from your smartphone’s app store, or you can extend your computer’s virus protection to include your phone. The virus protection performs the same way it does on a computer, allowing you to scan for viruses and clean them out.

In The Event of Damage

Sometimes, no matter what you do to protect your phone, accidents still occur. Your phone may slide out of your hand into a toilet, or you may forget it was in the pants you just put in the washing machine. Regardless of the damage, you should obtain mobile insurance through your provider or a related company. Usually, by paying for the deductible, you are able to repair or replace your phone, getting you reconnected to the world once again.

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