Reasons to call a 24-hour service electrician

There are many different kind of electrical emergencies that can occur in your home at any time.  Though you may not know that much about electrical systems yourself, as a homeowner, it is a good idea to know enough about electricity to understand when you might need a 24-hour service electrician to help you with your problem on an immediate basis.

Electrical emergencies such as an appliance malfunction, a power failure in your house, or a complete neighborhood outage can happen any time.  It is a good idea to be prepared so you know what to do in these types of electrical emergency situations.  For example, you should know how to shut off the electric power that runs into your home and you should also know how to reset the circuit breakers in your house.  If you feel you have the skills to do any electrical repairs yourself, you will need to make sure to turn all of the electricity to your house off before working on any repairs.  You never want to work on any electrical circuits, switches, fixtures or outlets when the electricity is live.  First, shut the power off and then test the area with a circuit tester to make sure there is not power.  If you do not have any electrical skills, a 24-hour service electrician can help you with any emergency you might have arise.

If the power goes out in your home, the first thing you should do is find out if it is just your home affected or if others on your street are also down. If the neighborhood has an outage, you would just call your utility company to inform them of the breakdown.  If the outage only affects your home, however, you might need a 24-hours service electrician to get you back up and running again.  Before you make the call, you might want to check your circuit breakers to see if any of them has been tripped.  If the breaker is tripped and trips again right after you reset it, you will need to call the electrician anyways.  When the electrician is on the way, you might want to turn the electronic appliances to the off position so they are not damaged from inadequate power or from the possible electrical surge that will come when the power comes back on later.

If you have a sparking appliance, you will also want to call a 24-hour service electrician as soon as possible.  Make sure you do not touch the appliance yourself, but instead cut the power to that appliance by unplugging it, if possible.  If you cannot get to the plug without risk, turn the circuit breaker off for that area of the house.  You can then let the appliance cool while the 24-hour service electrician travels to your home.

If you have an electrical emergency of any kind and live in the Pearland, TX area, take a look at the following website for help and advice


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