The Beauty and Functionality of Safavieh Rug Pads

by | Nov 5, 2012 | Home Improvement

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Rectangular Safavieh Rug Pad PAD125-9 Machine Made in China

Safavieh rug pads are a must for any of your rug or carpet purchases. After all, your ultimate goal is to add beauty to your home or office, not create a danger zone. Most rugs and area carpets slip when placed onover hard surfaces, so rug pads must be put underneath them to protect people walking on them from slipping and falling. Fortunately, these rug pads are quite functional and will not break the bank either.

Keeping Everyone Safe

With Safavieh rug pads, slipping will be kept to a minimum. by simply adding a few rug pads underneath each piece of rug or carpeting. The rug or carpeting will not move until you want it to move, and everyone who walks on them will be as safe as possible.

Preserving Your Carpeting

Safavieh rug pads do more than just save your employees, your family and your customers from potential harm. They keep your carpeting and rugs in mint condition by protecting them from underneath. With no one falling on them or slipping – with food or drinks in their hands, in some cases – no damage will be done to the rug or piece of carpeting. And because there is no slipping, the level of tampering with the fabric will be kept to the bare minimum. No one will need to mess with or adjust the carpeting – that is, unless a renovation or redecoration is in order.

Saving You from Hassles

With Safavieh rug pads, your level of hassles will decrease because no one will be falling, slipping or potentially dropping anything on it. And for those walking over it regularly, these pads add a nice extra layer of padding and comfort too. Sometimes rugs and carpets are quite thin and do not give you the level of coziness that you often expect. But with rug pads like those from Safavieh firmly in place, your rugs will be given a nice boost in thickness, adding to their appeal, to their safety levels and to the comfort levels of everyone who uses them.

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Rectangular Safavieh Rug Pad PAD111-5 Machine Made in China