Reasons why You Might Choose Cremation Services in Mason, OH

For many people, the discussion of death, and what comes after, is taboo. However, it’s important to plan ahead so family members know what to do after a loved one dies. One way to circumvent any discomfort is for someone to take care of cremation or burial details prior to their death. This ensures the family doesn’t have to deal with more than their grief after someone they love dies.

When it comes to after-death services, a decision will have to be made regarding burial vs. Cremation Services In Mason OH. Both options are very popular, but there are a few reasons why some people choose cremation over being buried.


One major factor in choosing cremation is the cost. A burial is the most costly option after death. Not only does a casket have to be chosen, but the body has to be properly prepared and a grave site or tomb has to be selected. The cost of a cheap burial ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. If someone wants extra services or a high-end coffin, it can cost $50,000 or more.

Cremation, on the other hand, ranges between $900 and $1500, depending on the location. Some people will choose to have the body prepared for viewing, which can cost in the range of $300. At the end of the day, a limited budget may require the choice of cremation.


There are plenty of people who simply prefer the idea of cremation. Some feel that, once death occurs, the body is just a shell and should be treated as such. Others like the idea of their body never leaving their loved ones, being stored in an urn inside of their home. Still more prefer that their ashes be scattered in a beloved location. Lastly, there are people who believe that burial is a waste of space and that the Earth is for the living.

Regardless of the reasons for choosing Cremation Services In Mason OH, it is an option that is available from many resources. If you’re not sure what direction you want to take, consider discussing it with your loved ones to see if they have a preference. Also, speak with a funeral home to determine your options and the costs associated with them. These are great ways to make a good decision about your body after death.

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