5 Types of Pop Up Trade Show Displays to Avoid

When you go to any trade show event, the pop up displays can be an overwhelming sea of color, text, graphics, and product. It’s hard to stand out in a good way, but one thing you never want is to stand out in a bad way. When you are planning your pop up trade show displays, here are six things you want to avoid.

  • Loose end panels: Whether the trade show is indoors or outside, there always seems to be a loose end panel that is waving around unattached from the display. Be sure you always have your display properly secured.
  • Wrinkled or creased graphics: Whether the problem is an old display, or an improperly printed display, this problem can make your display look very unattractive. Be sure to get quality printing, and to carefully store your displays when not in use.
  • Missing panels: If your pop up trade show displays are missing panels, it takes away from the story you are trying to tell passers-by, which in turn reduces your engagement and sales. Be sure to replace any panels that are missing.
  • Broken displays: If your pop up has bent frames, missing bars, broken pins or connectors, or any other area in need of repair, be sure to take care of that before the pop up show. This can signal to the crowd that your product isn’t high quality.
  • Boring, uninspired displays: Finally, you always want to avoid displays that just look like you’d rather not be there. You know the type – they are usually blank displays with a single stack of brochures and business cards on a folding table,JAY and no team members in sight. Your display should draw people in, not remind them that they are stuck at a trade show event.

Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out – in a Good Way

If you want your trade show display to stand out in a good way, you need to consider every element, from the lighting to the banners and more. Our displays are designed to cover every angle, so that anyone walking by wants to come check out what you’ve got to show them. Avoid the most common mistakes made at trade shows with showcase kits from New York Banner Stands. Call us at 1-800-516-7606 to get started designing your unique and eye-catching pop up display.

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