Safety Compliance and Fire Testing Services in Honolulu

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Fire and Security

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Fire safety is not something that should be taken lightly. There are laws that require business owners to keep certain equipment in their business in order to reduce or prevent the risk of harm due to fires. This equipment needs to be maintained in order to comply with those laws, and that means having a service provider inspect and certify the equipment. Annual and semi-annual Fire Testing Services in Honolulu make it easy for business owners to comply with local and federal fire safety standards. These inspections include visually checking some equipment and testing other equipment. Most inspections take place during regular operating hours in order to see equipment running and assure that everything is operating in a safe as manner as possible.Annual inspections.

Fire extinguishers are checked annually along with fire hoses to assure they are present and working. More complex portions of the fire safety system such as an early alert system or restaurant fire suppression system will need to be tested in order to receive certification. A time limit is applied to the certification to assure that annual inspections are scheduled. Once the expiration date is reached, the restaurant or business owner will need to have another inspection done or risk fines and other legal consequences. Most fire equipment requires an annual or semi-annual inspection, but some portions only need to be inspected every five years. More detailed information can be provided by the local service provider for Fire Testing Service in Honolulu.

Every business must comply with local and federal fire safety standards. Before the business is opened to the public, it is vital that an inspection takes place, even if current certifications aren’t expired yet. These inspections will help the business owner avoid fines and other consequences and can give them a chance to install better systems if necessary. Sprinkler and alert system installation can usually be done by the same service provider that inspects the system and applies certification. Service providers such Elite Fire Services Inc. offer both services and will happily assist in any fire safety services needed whether it’s just an inspection or a complete fire system overhaul.