Stressless Furniture – Redefining Comfort

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Furniture

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Manufactured by 70 year old company Ekornes of Norway, Stressless furniture is one of the leaders in comfortable seating around the world. Their reclining chairs have been some of the best-selling armchairs globally since their inception in 1971. Since then, different types of Stressless furniture has been added to the line. Stressless furniture is one of the most popular choices for home theater seating and they also offer sofas that are completely customizable with corners and sectionals. The main idea behind this line is seating that creates a sense of peace and complete relaxation for the user. Let’s take a look at all the different types of Stressless furniture and what makes it so popular.

Recliners – The Most Famous Piece of Stressless Furniture

Ever since Stressless furniture released their groundbreaking reclining armchair in 1971, it has steadily risen in popularity and is now considered one of the most comfortable armchair seating options on the market. This popularity is due to the design of the chairs combined with the material used to cover them.

The chairs are characterized by a frame that sits atop a round base. The base is connect to the actual chair by an aluminum pole with friction control that allows the chair to move with the person sitting. If their weight is leaning backward, the chair will lean with them and recline backward for relaxation. If they are leaning forward and using their computer or eating, the chair will also comfortably support that. This design makes for a chair that really becomes one with the user and allowing for maximum comfort. This is the goal of all Stressless furniture.

The design itself is enough to make a great armchair, but when you combine it with all the great options for style and fabric, you get a Stressless armchair. They have a lot of options in terms of comfortable fabrics and colors.

Stressless Sofas

Stressless sofas came along a bit later than their recliners, but they are designed to be equally impressive and comfortable. They have the same sort of customization, meaning that you can choose from all sorts of different fabrics, colors and designs. They also allow you to design any sort of couch that you want. This is done by combining the different seats (1, 2 or 3 person seats) with sectionals and corner pieces to design a couch to the size and shape of your liking. Because they are built using Stressless furniture materials, they are built for pleasure and relaxation.

Stressless Home Theater Seating

The final component to Stressless furniture is their home theater seating. When it comes to home theaters, there aren’t a lot of options for seating out there. And out of those options, Stressless is one of the most popular of them. They, like the recliners and sofas, are completely customizable with a lot of options for designs and styles. This means that they can be personally designed to fit into any style of home theater room. They are created to provide a comfortable and enjoyable home theater viewing experience.