Sun City, AZ Offers Consumers New Washing Machines to Kick off the New Year

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Appliance

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Appliances wear out and homeowners are left with the choice to either repair what they have or replace it. Washing machine sales near Sun City, AZ can help replace an old washing machine that is finally done. There are some benefits to replacing that washer now.

Major Discounts on Appliances

It’s the perfect time of year to get deep discounts on appliances, including washing machines. Between making room for newer appliance models and selling off “scratch and dent” models, there are some deals to be had. With tax season almost here, there are also lots of sales geared towards selling to consumers who will be getting their refunds soon. There may even be deals on mismatched pairs of washers and dryers, or big sales on floor models.

Same Day Pick-Up Service

To cut costs, appliance delivery is reduced to appliance pickup. You can bring your truck or rent a truck to haul your new washing machine to your home. The best Washing machine sales in near Sun City, AZ have been following suit to help customers save on delivery charges. Plan so that when you purchase your washing machine or other appliances you can leave the store with them right away.

There may still be delivery service to your front door, but you will have to ask for it in advance. There’s a service charge for that. If you would rather pick up your appliance, it will cost less. To shop the selection of washing machines, either shop in person or online.