The Affects and Treatment of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders, is a disorder when one suffers from a mental illness and a substance abuse dilemma. It is a tribulation for mental patients who are also drug abuse sufferers.

A relapse is predestined for anyone who is doctored for a drug abuse predicament but the primary mental condition that could have caused the abuse of drugs is left unrefined. The failure to identify the unknown mental disorder causing in further deferral of treatment would only worsen the illness.

However, with this one can be free from the shackles of any mental condition and progress rapidly towards sobriety. The interval would only come from an accurate treatment center related to the dual diagnosis treatment centers, which are undertaking remarkable work in analyzing and treating dual diagnosis patients. There is reputable dual diagnosis treatment in Burnsville.

Which Came First?

Within dual diagnosis it is merely the case of which came originally. It is often hard to determine which one came first, the substance abuse or the mental illness. People choose alcohol and drugs to avoid depression and mental anxiety. However, they only worsen the disorder and spark the beginning of a venomous series for the victim. In such a situation it is frequently practical that alcohol and drug abuse can amplify an original threat of mental illnesses in a person or alcohol and drug abuse can exacerbate indicators of a mental health problem in a patient

Therefore, self-remedying with the aid of alcohol and drugs for any mental disorder can certainly not be the explanation for the concerned person.


The mental health difficulties that most regularly follow with substance abuse are depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

The management of this conundrum is regularly tough because there is refusal on part of the patient. For the drug abuse problem as well as the mental disorder, the concerned people do not recognize that they have a problem and attempt to avoid it as long as possible. However, these matters do not mend or improve on their own. A person must be positive and elect treatment over apathy to entirely surmount a drug abuse and mental disorder.

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