How to Maintain a Professional Blowout Hairstyle in Austin, TX

There is nothing better than the look of a professional blowout. When a stylist straightens a client’s hair, the result is always sleek and soft. Many people save their hard-earned money to get a blowout at their local salon.

After getting a Blowout Hairstyle Austin TX, however, it takes some skill to maintain the style. There are a few tricks that will help prolong the results of a great blowout for up to a week.

Be Careful in Bed

The easiest way to mess up a Blowout Hairstyle Austin TX is by tossing and turning in bed. To protect the style overnight, be sure to secure the hair in a ponytail. Using a fabric tie instead of an elastic band will reduce crimping and protect the hair from breakage.

It’s also wise to invest in silk or satin pillowcases. Traditional cotton pillowcases actually pull hair at night. Silk and satin, however, allow the hair to glide across the pillow without creating tangles or frizz.

Wear a Shower Cap

Anyone who just got a Blowout Hairstyle Austin TX needs to keep it from getting wet. Wearing a shower cap when bathing is the best way to do this. Simply tuck all loose hair into the cap and it will stay dry in the shower.

After showering, simply remove the cap and hang it up to dry. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing in the cap.

Invest in Dry Shampoo

The scalp produces oil, and if a person doesn’t wash their hair, these oils will cause a hairstyle to look lifeless. People can use dry shampoo in place of washing their hair. A dry shampoo contains ingredients that absorb oil, such as tapioca or cornstarch.

To use dry shampoo, simply spray the product at the roots of the hair. Allow it to set for at least a minute, and then brush it out. Dry shampoo not only absorbs oil, it also adds texture and body to hair.

Nothing feels better than getting a professional blowout at a local salon such as Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar in Austin TX. It’s easy for clients to prolong the life of the style by protecting their hair at night, wearing a shower cap, and using dry shampoo. Many people are able to make their blowouts last for a full week.

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