The Best Way to Reduce Your Water Bill in Public Bathrooms

Where you can introduce water free urinals into public bathroom areas, you will be able to participate in conserving water resources which are precious all over the world. This reduces the water wasted when it is completely unnecessary as waterless urinals use gravity and trap systems to ensure their efficiency.

Boosting Your Environmental Impact

Apart from reducing your water bill, which is always good news for any organization, you are reducing the installation and maintenance of water piping around bathroom areas. A water free urinal is better as less damage by vandals can take place in a bathroom zone.

Where you work in a water scarce area, the installation of water free urinals instantly removes the requirement for water to be sourced and brought to the bathroom area.

For those that worry about the potential smell arising from these bathroom installations and specifically where water is not used to flush the urine, great leaps in technological advances show as traps within the system. As the urine passes through the trap, a barrier is formed so that sewer gasses and any odor from urine cannot make its way back into the bathroom area.

The Cost of Installation Is Reduced

Because water does not need to be fed to each waterless urinal, the time and funds involved with installing a new bathroom for public use are vastly reduced.

Where bathrooms have been used for decades, the urinals can be replaced with new waterless varieties, and the old water systems capped off or removed entirely.

This task is not particularly difficult for a general maintenance technician, who will be provided with installation information from the company providing this modern urinal system.

The maintenance of waterless urinals is relatively straightforward, and you will be saving money by never having to repair water pipes and their leaks.

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