Unique Curb Appeal Starts With A Custom Garage Door

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Repair & Services

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If you are having a new custom designed home built or if you are modernizing your current home, curb appeal is something that is going to be in the forefront of your mind. Regardless of whether you are planning to stay in your home or to prepare it for sale, custom garage doors in Westchester, NY can make a world of difference to the homes appearance as well as value.

How you can help design your custom garage door:

If you are renovating your home don’t think for a minute that the choices you had years ago when it came to the garage door are the same choices that you have today. Custom garage doors in Westchester, NY are far stronger, better insulated and very secure and due to enganced materials and construction techniques, today’s garage doors require far less maintenance than their predecessors. When designing a custom garage door today, you have a wide range of materials, colors and styles as well as window variants.


The majority of new garage doors are manufactured from steel sheet which is backed with insulation. The best choice in material is 24 gauge; it is considerably stronger than lighter 26 or 28 gauge steel. The best doors have a baked on proper finish which keeps the door rust free for years.

Wood doors are not as popular as they once were but many homeowners still prefer the look of wood, especially for custom manufactured doors. Custom garage doors are normally made from solid Douglas Fir.

Looks are important:

It is not unusual for the garage door to take up 25 to 30 percent of the width of your house and as such, the style and design of your new custom garage doors in Westchester, NY is extremely important. Frame and panel construction is traditional and still a favorite, however, a more contemporary home can look beautiful when the garage door utilizes horizontal ribs.

The beauty of custom garage doors is the fact that you and your door supplier can choose from a wealth of options that make your garage door a major feature of the exterior design.

Custom garage doors in Westchester, NY can make a world of difference to the exterior appearance of your home. To discuss the possibilities you are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc. Visit them online at www.actionlockanddoor.com/garage-doors-operators/