The Dangers of Not Cooling Your Home

If an air conditioning unit isn’t working, it can be unsafe to remain in your home on a hot summer day. In some cases, it can be unsafe to remain at home overnight during an especially brutal heatwave. In some cases, you could experience heat stroke or other health problems. Your home could also experience damage if it is allowed to get too hot. Therefore, it is important that you get AC repair in Lakeview as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget About the Humidity

In many cases, a person can remain comfortable at home in hot weather by opening a window or by drinking a glass of water. However, the summer months often feature both heat and humidity. Humid air often feels warmer than the actual air temperature, and it can be harder to escape by merely opening a window. When your air conditioning system is working properly, it will both cool the air and dry it out. This is what makes it easier to sleep at night or remain comfortable during the day.

What Are the Signs of Heat Stroke?

Failing to seek AC repair in Lakeview in a timely manner could result in a trip to the hospital. Signs of heat stroke include dizziness, an inability to sweat and slurred speech. If you recognize the symptoms soon enough, it may be possible to cool down by taking a cold shower or sitting in a shaded area. Those who have children or elderly family members should be sure to keep an eye on them when the weather gets warm or humid. This is true whether or not they have an air conditioner as their bodies are more sensitive to the weather.

When you need to make your home a cooler place to live, reach out to the folks at Deljo Heating & Cooling.

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