What Causes Jaw Pain?

When you are a young adult who is experiencing pain in the back of your mouth, you probably need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Chicago wisdom teeth removal is available from a nearby dentist who has training in this specialized surgery. Some individuals don’t have third molars, or perhaps, they have mouths that are large enough for their wisdom teeth, so they don’t need any surgery. However, if you have red or swollen gums and jaw pain, then you must have your wisdom teeth removed quickly to avoid any impactions that can cause more problems.

The Extraction of Wisdom Teeth Requires Sedation

Our dentist will look at your new X-rays to determine where the wisdom teeth are located to understand how complicated the Chicago wisdom teeth removal process will be. If the wisdom teeth are located near the top of the gums, then our dentist can remove the teeth with an instrument after making a tiny incision. However, in some cases, the wisdom teeth are located deeper in the gum tissue near the alveolar bones, making the extraction process more difficult. While you are sedated, the dentist will extract your wisdom teeth from the upper and lower regions of your mouth.

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After having your wisdom teeth extracted, you must recover at home for several days. During this time, you will need to sip liquids for hydration along with only eating soft foods such as soup and applesauce. Our dentist will prescribe painkillers, and also, you can apply ice packs to your face to reduce your discomfort. Following the proper guidelines after Chicago wisdom teeth removal will prevent complications from dry sockets or excessive bleeding. For additional information about the extraction of wisdom teeth, contact Chicago Smile Design .

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