The Full Service Contractor: Taking Care Of It All

In the construction business, you have a choice of different types of contractors, including subcontractors to perform the necessary work. One way to ensure that your project in Wisconsin is completed on budget and in time is to hire a full service general contractor. He or she will work with you to make sure everything proceeds smoothly.

What Are Full Service General Contractors?

Full service general contractors are individuals who agree to accept responsibility for a wide array of services specific to a project. Depending upon the particulars of the contract or agreement between management, owner and or developers, the tasks may be completely comprehensive or focus on certain tasks. Overall, general contractors of this nature may work on remodeling, renovating, residential building or commercial construction. They have the capabilities of addressing the specific requirements for any and all of these types of construction work.

A company may engage a full service general contractor to handle some or all of the following for a project in Wisconsin:

  • The actual bid for the project
  • Obtaining the required permits
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Hiring the required subcontractors
  • Negotiating the prices for and ordering the requisite material
  • Creating a schedule for all subcontractors, employees and material deliveries
  • Making sure the subcontractors and material suppliers receive their money on time
  • Understanding the plans and specifications
  • Supervising and coordinating the work of all employees and subcontractors
  • Troubleshooting any problems
  • Waste disposal

Full Service General Contractor

A full service general contractor must be capable of looking at a set of plans and realize them into the desired structure. During this complex process, he or she will orchestrate a crew of various other individuals including municipal legislators and officials, subcontractors and material suppliers. The will involve paperwork, and more paperwork as the general contractor works diligently and with expertise gathered through experience to produce a finished project that meets the exacting specifications of every Wisconsin individual involved.

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