How Hiring Pregnancy Services can Help

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Health

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The National Statistic Reports from the CDC indicates that maternal deaths are higher for cesarean deliveries than vaginal ones. That’s already an excellent reason for why mothers should choose a natural birth. That’s where pregnancy services like hiring a birth doula comes in.

What happens

Surgery always carries a measure of risk. If you want to lower those risks as much as possible, one way to keep both mother and baby safe is to ensure mothers go through the experience without the need for surgery. That means a natural childbirth process.

Anxiety and stress

When the mother’s stress and anxiety levels are high, though, this makes it difficult for the birth canal to relax and dilate. Doulas perform an important function just by being there and providing expectant mothers with support throughout the childbirth process. They help mothers relax through the birth, allowing for a vaginal instead of cesarean delivery. That’s not just going to mean less costs—cesareans cost a lot more than normal delivery—it also means less risk for both the mother and baby.

Pain management

It’s going to hurt. That’s one of the things expectant mothers must be prepared for. However, with the help of a birth doula who can guide, support and assist mothers as they cope and deal with the pain, there’s less need for anesthesia or drugs to help mothers through the experience. Again, less drugs and anesthesia mean less health risks. In a country where there’s high medical malpractice payouts every year, the less risks there are, the better.


It can be overwhelming to take care of a baby, especially for the first time. Hiring pregnancy services like postpartum doula assistance mean you have someone to help you through the process: from breastfeeding to learning how to work out the details of your new life together, a doula can help first-time parents start out on the right foot.