The Great Debate: To Coat Your Concrete Floors with Polyurea or an Epoxy finish?

If you have a concrete floor, then you want the best possible sealant to help protect it. Epoxy floor coating is one of the most popular types of concrete floor sealants, but does it deserve the hype? The short answer is no. Polyurea offers an improvement on all of the benefits of epoxy, and it lasts much longer as well.

The thing with epoxy is that it has flaws. Yes, it provides serviceable protection for concrete, but it can be removed easily by accident if it comes into contact with spilled oil or even strong cleaners. Epoxy also does not expand with the temperature. This means that if it is applied anywhere outdoors, including in a garage, it will crack as the concrete expands and contracts.

Polyurea gives you much better protection and performance by a wide margin. For instance, cleaning products, oil, gasoline, and other substances do not penetrate polyurea. It also bonds better since it will work with moisture instead of repelling it, which makes it a better option for the outdoors. When polyurea is applied correctly it will bond with the concrete and create an incredibly strong and impermeable floor. High impacts, weather, or harsh substances will not cause damage or cracking.

The fumes and the odors from both epoxy and polyurea can vary, depending on the specific formulations of each manufacturer. With some products, the fumes can be dangerous and you might require a respirator. Others are mild and should not cause any problems. That said many polyurea products are made without solvents, which are the biggest culprits for the unpleasant fumes and odors that come with applying a floor coating. There may be a mild odor for a few days after applying polyurea, but it is not harmful, and it will dissipate within a day or two.

Let’s face it, with any project you always have to balance the price you pay with the performance you get. It’s true that epoxy is more affordable at the time of purchase. However, in the long run, it will not be saving you money. That is because polyurea will last you for several decades, while you will have to reapply epoxy several times over the years. So, paying a little more for polyurea upfront is like an investment on your future costs.

It’s not just the price of the coating itself that is affected. If you choose an inferior product to save a bit of your budget, then you may end up paying in related costs. For instance, If you use epoxy and it fails, then you will have to spend a lot of money to have a professional come and clean it off and either apply it again, or apply polyurea to prevent it from happening again. So, your plan to save a few dollars will end up costing you much more down the road.

Your best option is to hire a reputable company like Your 1 Day Floor who will get it right the first time around. With their expertise and wide selection of polyurea finishes, you’ll be floored by the finished product.

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