Following a Diet With Gastric Bypass Surgery

People can gain weight for any number of reasons. However, it’s almost universally true an individual who is significantly overweight has problems understanding how much they should eat and what types of foods they should be eating. Both before and after gastric bypass surgery, El Paso doctors will work with their patients to give them guidelines to better help them understand everything, from how many calories they should be consuming to the ideal portions they should be putting on their plate.

Dieting Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Although individuals get gastric bypass surgery in El Paso to lose weight, it’s also true in the majority of cases, they will need to show they have the ability to control their food intake prior to surgery. That is because this surgery may not be effective if a person cannot adapt to the lifestyle changes required with gastric bypass surgery. While it may be challenging to adapt to a much smaller portion size right away, prior to surgery, an individual can still begin making small but significant changes to their diet, such as cutting out sugary sodas and snacks. This will help show they are committed to the weight loss process.

After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Changes to one’s diet become even more significant after gastric bypass surgery. El Paso doctors will continue to work with their patients after the procedure to ensure they are losing weight at the recommended pace. This can help ensure the individual is eating the right amount of food so they continue to lose weight without restricting themselves too much and losing weight at an unhealthy pace.

Those looking to learn more about gastric bypass surgery and other weight loss procedures can contact the team at Memorial Weight Loss Center for more detailed information.

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