The Importance for Medina, OH Teens of Following Invisalign Guidelines

Teenagers who need orthodontic treatment may want to avoid metal braces if possible. Many treatments work with clear removable Invisalign trays. The orthodontist wants to be sure patients of this age will be completely responsible for keeping the aligners in place most hours of the day. Invisalign for teens in Medina, OH can be a suitable option if the patients follow all guidelines.

Wearing Time

When beginning Invisalign or switching to a new tray in the set, it’s normal for the mouth to feel a little achy and tender. That can tempt the person to remove it during sleep. However, Invisalign for teens in Medina, OH is intended to be in place 20 to 22 hours each day. Not wearing it while sleeping dramatically reduces the hours of wear time and interferes with the alignment process.

After receiving Invisalign from an orthodontics clinic in Strongsville, OH, resisting the urge to remove the aligners before social occasions is essential. Teenagers may feel the aligners are conspicuous when they are on a date or at another social event. Yet regularly removing the tray for several hours extends the time required for the orthodontic problem to be solved.

When to Remove Aligners

An orthodontics clinic in Strongsville, OH advises patients to remove aligners for two purposes.

The first is before eating or drinking beverages other than water. Chewing while wearing aligners can damage the devices. Eating and drinking with aligners in place can easily result in food particles and sugary or acidic substances being lodged against the teeth for hours. That promotes tartar buildup and tooth decay.

The second is before brushing and flossing teeth. Ideally, brushing will be done each time after consuming foods or beverages. If that’s too inconvenient, at least rinsing the mouth is important.

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