The Long-Term Health Benefits of Looking Into Braces in Medina, OH

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Orthodontics

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When visiting the orthodontist in Strongsville, OH, they may recommend braces for your oral condition. The good news is not only do braces eventually come off, but these dental appliances hold many long-term health benefits.

Fixes Bite Problems

Bite problems can lead to clenching and grinding, which can damage your teeth over time. When you consider braces in Medina, OH, you can repair your bite and prevent issues such as broken teeth or unproductive chewing.

Prevents Bone Deterioration

If your teeth are not properly aligned, the bone in empty spaces may start to deteriorate because of bacteria and lack of stimulation. Braces gradually move your teeth into the correct position while keeping bacteria at bay.

Gum Disease Prevention

It is easier for food particles to become trapped in empty spaces and between misaligned teeth, leading to gum disease. Visiting an orthodontist in Strongsville, OH to discuss braces is the first step to preventing this serious condition.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Teeth that are misaligned or overlapped are more susceptible to bacteria and tooth decay. These issues may it difficult to brush or floss your teeth properly. Your teeth need to be straightened for easier care and protection.

Improves Digestion

If chewing is ineffective because of your bite, misaligned teeth, or another oral condition, your food may not digest properly. With braces in Medina, OH, chewing and digesting your food is easier.

When you are ready to visit an orthodontist in Strongsville, OH, consider Papandreas Orthodontics. You can learn more and schedule an appointment today.