The Roles of a Foot and Ankle Specialist Kenosha

If you are like most people, you probably never thought that you might need to see a podiatrist. Most of the issues you have had with your foot or any other part of your body may have been treated by your family doctor. Are you suffering from a foot problem that is causing a lot of pain and discomfort? Has someone mentioned to you seeing a foot and ankle specialist near Kenosha?

Foot and ankle specialists, or podiatrists, are trained to offer medical care and advice specifically to people suffering from foot and ankle injuries and conditions. Some of these foot problems are caused by poor hygiene and sports injuries. Podiatrists can also examine and treat foot and ankle injuries. The injuries may be on the lower leg and knees.

Other than diagnosing foot and ankle injuries, podiatrists also perform surgeries to repair broken ankles, fractures, and broken toes. There are those specialists who are trained to treat children but most of them will treat patients of all ages.

A foot and ankle specialist near Kenosha can treat severe foot problems, as well as common issues like foot blisters. The specialist will simply prescribe a painkiller and antibiotics if the blister is infected. If you are suffering from heel pain then the podiatrist will offer the best treatment method. The specialist is likely to perform an X-ray on the heel in order to try and determine the cause of the pain.

If you have a fracture on the foot, it can be repaired through surgery. Fractures on the foot may cause complications and disable the function of the foot. Surgery will avoid these complications and restore the function of the injured foot. If surgery is performed, the patient will have to undergo other processes like grafting in order to ensure the foot is back to normal.

If you are suffering from injuries caused by trauma to the foot or ankle then you also need to visit a podiatrist. Most accident victims who have undergone trauma on the foot and ankle will be in a lot of pain and they need to approach a specialist. Sometimes the bones are dislocated because of the accident and need surgical procedures in order to be restored. If you have flat feet, athletes’ foot, or any other foot condition that requires urgent care, look for a trained and certified foot and ankle specialist near Kenosha to offer the right diagnosis and treatment.

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