Feel at Home on Move-In Day with Furnished Student Housing

Moving into a new place can be overwhelming on its own, but add the stresses of beginning your college career and meeting new roommates and you have the potential for a major meltdown. If you’re searching for off campus housing near UGA, you won’t find more thoughtfully-appointed student apartments in the area. Not only do they offer community features to keep you entertained, but each apartment is equipped with every comfort of home.

Single Bedroom Floorplan Options for Optimum Security

Nobody likes the idea of sharing their living space with a stranger, let alone sleep in the same room with a college roommate you’ve only just met. This off campus housing near UGA has two different floorplan styles to choose from; two- and three-bedroom apartments, and larger three-and four-bedroom townhomes. Regardless of the floorplan option you prefer, you’ll never have to share your bedroom or private bathroom with another resident. Ensuring you truly have a place to call your own.

No Fighting Over Finances

Another advantage of choosing these University of Georgia student apartments is that you’ll never have to rely on another resident to come up with their portion of the rent or utilities. This housing property gives each resident their own portion of bills to focus on each month, so no roommate will ever be held responsible for another housemate’s ability to pay for their housing.

Visit RiverclubAthens.com to find out all the details about floorplans and features of the River Club student apartments minutes away from UGA.

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