The Safest And Cleanest Limo Rides In Rockford Illinois & Surrounding Area

We want you saying, “Wow!” after your limo rental in Rockford IL. You’re never going to hear that from ridesharing programs. In fact, many ridesharing vehicles are dirty, and you never know if the driver is a felon or drug user. That is correct! They don’t test for drugs. We are very different.

Trustworthy Drivers

All of our drivers have to go through fingerprint background checks. We want to make sure that none of them are felons or have had any misdemeanors. All drivers are also drug and alcohol tested, and they must have quarterly random drug tests to ensure they’re taking the straight path.

This means that any driver you have with Business Name will be as clean as they come. You can visit us online for more information: website url. For the most information on drivers and safety, scroll down until you see the YouTube video, then watch that brief yet informative video.

Areas Serviced

If you need a limo rental in Rockford IL, then it’s already obvious that we’re the safest route. However, you still don’t know about the areas we service. We operate in three markets: Rockford, Chicago, and Wisconsin.

We have been operating in Rockford since our inception. For that reason, we feel a connection to it. If you’re looking to travel to Chicago, we can take you to both airports, Downtown Chicago, and the North and Western suburbs. Wisconsin is our newest market. We can take you to the airport, but we also drive as far north as Wisconsin Dells. For more information, you can visit us online.

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